Contact Lynn about postdoc positions, PhD scholarships and summer internship opportunities in the group. Our group is interdisciplinary, but most members have an undergraduate background in physics/photonics.

PhD Scholarships

PhD opportunities in Biophotonics may be available through the James Watt & DTP Scholarships for October start. The James Watt scholarships will provide full fees and stipend for 3 years, whilst the DTPs provide full fees and stipend for 3.5 years. Contact Lynn directly, asap, but preferably by February,  to find out more about the projects and application process. 

PhD opportunities may be available from Carnegie Trust. The student and project application are to be submitted by early January so please get in touch with Lynn before Christmas.

Some examples of potential PhD projects:

PhD project 1: The integration of optical functions within microfluidic devices provides a new freedom for manipulating and studying biological samples at the micro scale. This project will develop such microfluidic devices with integrated optical components, with applications from biomedical to environmental science.

PhD project 2: Single cell manipulation applications of optical fibres:  By developing  fibre-tip components we aim to manipulate cells and aid imaging and spectroscopic analysis of biological process on the scale of a single cell.

PhD project 3: ‘4D optical imaging of 3D cell cultures’. We have been developing optical tweezer microrheology using multiplane imaging with collaborators Dr Paul Dalgarno (Heriot Watt), Dr Amanda Wright (University of Nottingham) and Dr Manlio Tassieri (University of Glasgow) and there is scope for a PhD student to join this research. Further details of this project can be found at

SUPA Prize PhD Studentships January 2018

SUPA offers PhD studentships for outstanding students from anywhere in the world. These prestigious and competitive awards are intended to attract excellent students to study for a PhD in Scotland. Applications MUST be submitted by 23:59 GMT on Wednesday 31st January 2018. References MUST be uploaded by 23:59 GMT on Wednesday 7th February 2018. Click here for more information and the application instructions.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

There is currently no postdoc position available.

Summer internships

We typically have an opening for a summer internship each year. If you are a penultimate year undergraduate student or a graduating student who would like to contribute to our research and gain some work experience, please contact Lynn in Jan/Feb to find out about vacation studentship opportunities. Previously, summer students have been financially supported by British Society of Cell Biology, Rank Prize Funds Trust, and Carnegie Trust.